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Hawai'i Writer's Alliance

Welcome to the enchanting world of Hawaiian literature, where the gentle trade winds whisper secrets, and the warm, golden sands cradle stories waiting to be told. As the rest of the world dons its autumnal attire, Hawaii dances to a different tune in November. In this tropical paradise, where the sun-soaked islands remain forever in the embrace of the Pacific Ocean, November brings forth a unique tapestry of experiences, traditions, and natural wonders. From the fiery splendor of volcanic eruptions to the serenity of rain-soaked landscapes, from the gratitude-filled celebrations of Thanksgiving to the harmonious notes of Hawaiian music, our pens stand poised to capture the essence of November in Hawaii. Join us on this literary journey as we explore the vibrant and diverse tapestry of life in the Aloha State during this captivating month.

November's meet-up falls on November 18th, 2023 at Kona Stories in Keauhou. Please RSVP via our Facebook event page if you can make it.

Here's a list of November-inspired topics for our writer's group in Hawaii:

  1. Autumn in the Tropics: Explore the unique way Hawaiians experience autumn, including the changing weather and local traditions.

  2. Thanksgiving in Hawaii: Write about how Thanksgiving is celebrated in Hawaii, incorporating local foods and customs.

  3. Rainy Season: Share stories or poems about the November rainy season and its impact on the islands.

  4. Volcanic Beauty: Explore the beauty and power of Hawaii's volcanoes, which are especially active in November.

  5. Surfing Stories: Write about the thrill and challenges of surfing in Hawaii, as November is a popular time for big waves.

  6. Migratory Birds: Discuss the migratory patterns of birds that visit Hawaii in November and the inspiration they provide.

  7. Tropical Harvest: Explore the unique fruits and crops that are harvested in November in Hawaii.

  8. Veterans Day: Reflect on the significance of Veterans Day in Hawaii and its impact on the community.

  9. Local Legends: Share or create stories about Hawaiian legends, myths, and folklore related to November.

  10. Cultural Festivals: Write about cultural festivals or events happening in November in Hawaii, such as hula festivals or music events.

  11. Beach Retreats: Describe the experience of enjoying the beaches in November, considering the weather and fewer tourists.

  12. Lava Flows: Explore the geological and environmental impact of lava flows on the Big Island and its communities.

  13. Traditions of Gratitude: Write about Hawaiian traditions of gratitude and giving thanks, especially in the month of November.

  14. Hawaiian Music: Explore the history and significance of Hawaiian music, focusing on specific artists or songs.

  15. Tropical Wildlife: Share stories about the unique wildlife and marine life found in Hawaii, particularly in November.

  16. Historical Events: Research and write about significant historical events that occurred in Hawaii in November.

  17. Local Food Delights: Discuss the delicious local dishes and recipes that are popular in November.

  18. Aloha Spirit: Reflect on the concept of the "Aloha spirit" and how it is experienced in daily life during November.

  19. Island Sunsets: Write about the beauty of Hawaiian sunsets and their significance in November.

  20. The Changing Landscape: Explore how the landscape of Hawaii changes during November, both in terms of flora and weather.


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Date: 11/18/2023
Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Kona Stories Book Store
78-6831 Ali'i Drive
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740-5400