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Words and Wine Author Night


Words and Wine Crowd


Each month Kona Stories hosts an event with local and traveling authors. This event happens the First Tuesday evening of the month starting at 6 PM. Authors are available to talk story while you are getting your plate of appetizers and glass of complimentary wine. Authors then give a 15-minute talk about their book and themselves, the writing and publishing process or a short reading from the book. After all the authors presentations there is a time for individual questions and book signings.

For over four decades, Tom Peek has embarked on a diverse and impactful writing journey, leaving a lasting impression on a wide range of audiences. His literary contributions have spanned various genres and mediums, with a particular focus on his Hawaiʻi novels, including the award-winning "Daughters of Fire" and his latest release, "Mauna Kea."

Tom's extensive body of work encompasses fiction, late-night radio comedy, university publications, novels, public policy studies, newspaper commentaries, magazine articles, national park exhibits, and award-winning video productions. These endeavors collectively reflect Tom's unwavering dedication to four enduring passions: a deep love and reverence for the natural world, a commitment to social and economic justice, a quest for racial and ethnic understanding, and a belief in personal empowerment through creative expression.

As an accomplished novelist and highly regarded writing instructor, Tom Peek's early life unfolded along the Upper Mississippi River in Minnesota. His adventurous spirit led him to hitchhike by boat across the South Seas before finding his home on Hawaiʻi Island three decades ago. During his time on the island, Tom has worn many hats, serving as an astronomy and mountain guide on Mauna Kea, an eruption ranger, and exhibit writer on Kilauea, as well as actively participating in initiatives aimed at preserving the sanctity of sacred volcanoes.

Tom Peek's life and work exemplify a profound commitment to both the written word and the causes that matter most to him, leaving an indelible mark on the literary world and the communities he touches.

Mauna Kea is a compelling narrative that weaves together a tapestry of conflicting passions—science and spirituality, vengeance and compassion, fear and courage—set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Hawai'i's towering Mauna Kea, a realm steeped in the reverence of ancient goddesses and the aspirations of stargazing explorers.

The story follows a young vagabond, seeking refuge from the turmoil of America, whose journey takes an unexpected turn as he is compelled to confront his own inner turmoil and grief atop the embattled holy mountain of Mauna Kea in the Pacific. There, he steps into a mysterious world, inhabited by ancient mountain deities and the Native Hawaiians who hold them in profound reverence. Two wise elders extend their guidance and care, while a young woman shares a world-weary heart that resonates with his own.

Through a series of profound and startling experiences, the protagonist discovers the transformative power of "aloha," a love that encompasses compassion, empathy, and unity. He taps into an untapped wellspring of faith and courage that not only rekindles his belief in himself but also reignites his hope in the interconnectedness of our shared world.

"Mauna Kea" is a gripping tale that delves into the depths of the human spirit, exploring themes of healing, reconciliation, and the resilience of the human heart. Against the backdrop of a sacred landscape, it is a story of self-discovery and the profound impact of connection and compassion on one's journey of redemption and renewal.


Carol McMillan is a renowned author hailing from Hawai'i, celebrated for her acclaimed work, "White Water, Red Walls." She is currently working on an upcoming book that delves into the fascinating world of Cayo Santiago's monkeys.

In her literary journey, Carol invites readers to accompany her on a transformative odyssey, beginning with her sheltered suburban upbringing as a young white girl. Her narrative takes us through the tumultuous era of the Summer of Love in San Francisco, where she explores new horizons by experimenting with marijuana and dancing to the tunes of Janis Joplin. A pivotal moment occurs during an entomology camping expedition across Africa, where she experiences a profound spiritual awakening, recognizing the profound interconnectedness of the Universe.

Upon her return, Carol is struck by a series of revelations. She becomes acutely aware of the world's injustices, the hidden workings of her own government, and the depths of racism, even within her own liberal family. As she navigates the joys and challenges of protesting against the Vietnam War, picnics in the vibrant Golden Gate Park, forging new relationships, and awakening to the concept of white privilege, Carol's life takes a transformative turn.

In her subsequent role as a teacher in the inner city of Oakland, she becomes attuned to the realities of systemic disparities. Carol is driven to reshape the course of her life, aligning her actions with the profound Tapestry she perceives—a tapestry that interconnects all aspects of the universe.

Carol McMillan's journey is a testament to the human capacity for growth, compassion, and transformation. Her storytelling invites readers to contemplate the intricate threads that weave us all together in the grand tapestry of existence.


In a world where the daily news often leaves us at a loss for words, Scriptless offers the profound journey of a brave soul who dared to break free from societal molds, forging her unique path in a rapidly changing world. Carol McMillan skillfully guides us through her formative years in San Francisco during the tumultuous late sixties.

We accompany a sheltered suburban white girl as she embarks on a transformative odyssey during the Summer of Love in the Bay Area. From trying marijuana to dancing to the rhythms of Janis Joplin, Carol's life takes an adventurous turn. Her path leads her on an entomology expedition across Africa, where she experiences a spiritual awakening, recognizing the interconnectedness of the Universe.

As Carol's foundations are shaken, she becomes acutely aware of the world's injustices. She is jolted by the actions of her own government and confronts the pervasive specter of racism, even within her own liberal family. "Scriptless" is a riveting memoir that explores the turbulence of a generation and one woman's quest for truth and justice amidst the chaos of an ever-evolving world.



Diann Wilson

Goodbye Big City, Hello Big Island is a book written by Diann Wilson and illustrated by Helen White. It was published by Stone Compass Press in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, on August 1, 2023.

The author, Diann Wilson, is known for her work as the co-author of "The Other Blended Learning: A Classroom Centered Approach" and for her contributions to various newspapers and literary journals. She also served as the past President of the Hawaii Writers Guild and hosts a YouTube show called "Write On!" Diann Wilson currently resides on a farm in Hawi, Hawaii, with her husband, dog, two cats, and six (or seven) chickens.

"Goodbye Big City, Hello Big Island" tells the story of a sisters' trip to celebrate their retirement from the corporate world. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when an accident leads to an impulsive decision to change their lives drastically. They leave behind the hustle and bustle of big city living to embark on a new adventure as nut farmers on the Big Island of Hawaii. Their mainland friends are left to wonder how long this new venture will last.

The book offers a collection of short stories that document one city dweller's transition from life on the mainland to life on an island. It explores the colorful characters they encounter and the surprising challenges and humor that come with island life and farming. The narrative captures the exhilaration of making a dream come true, even one that the protagonist didn't know she had.  "Goodbye Big City, Hello Big Island" is a heartwarming and relatable tale of daring life changes and the pursuit of newfound dreams in a picturesque island setting.

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Date: 11/07/2023
Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

78-6831 Alii Drive
Suite 142
Kailua Kona, HI 96740
United States