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Words and Wine Author Night



Kona Stories' monthly author events sound like a wonderful opportunity for book lovers to connect with both local and traveling authors. Here's a breakdown of what attendees can expect:

  1. Date and Time: These author events take place on the first Tuesday evening of each month, starting at 6 PM. It's a great way to kick off the month with literary inspiration.
  2. Meet and Greet: The event starts with a meet and greet where attendees can chat with the authors while enjoying appetizers and a complimentary glass of wine. This informal setting allows for casual conversations and getting to know the authors personally.
  3. Author Talks: Each author has a 15-minute slot to discuss various aspects related to their book and writing journey. This may include insights into their book's themes, characters, or the inspiration behind their work. Authors might also share their experiences with the writing and publishing process, offering valuable insights to aspiring writers.
  4. Readings: In addition to discussing their books, authors may choose to do a short reading from their work. This gives attendees a taste of the author's writing style and the book's content.     

Q&A and Book Signings: After all the authors have made their presentations, there is typically a dedicated time for attendees to ask questions, engage in discussions, and seek further insights from the authors. It's also an excellent opportunity for attendees to get their books signed by the authors, creating a personalized keepsake.

These author events provide a unique platform for both authors and readers. Authors have the chance to connect with their audience and share their passion for writing, while readers get to discover new books and gain deeper insights into the creative process. It's a vibrant and engaging literary experience that fosters a sense of community among book enthusiasts in the Kona area.



Veronika Bajwa is an environmentalist, world traveler, and yoga instructor. She wrote Love Your Mother after a powerful experience in the redwood forest. Veronika has worked nationally and internationally on environmental issues. She volunteered at the first World Youth Congress in Honolulu in 1999, as well as the following congress events in Morocco, Scotland, Wales, and Montreal. She lived on Hawaii Island for 15 years and formed a non-profit in Kamuela that organized local and international projects to raise awareness about key social and environmental issues.

Veronika wrote Love Your Mother years ago, and when she saw the artwork of Florence Thornton she knew she was the perfect illustrator for the book. Publishing her book about preserving the environment and creating a movement to inspire hope for young people is needed now more than ever.

 Currently a successful business owner on the island of Kaua'i, her passion for the environment is greater than ever. This book is her offering to the Earth and the next generations. She hopes the book will inspire hope and youth activism to help steer our planet's future in a more positive, thriving, and harmonious direction.

Love Your Mother is a children’s book with dazzling watercolor illustrations that fosters appreciation, a loving relationship, and a sense of stewardship with our natural world.  Born from the vast expanse of the universe, our planet Earth is more than just a celestial body; she is a living being, a nurturing mother to all creatures, including humanity. Together, we hold the power to make her smile and show our love for the home we share. But how can we achieve this?



Tessa Rice  Enter the world of the 'Eternus Trilogy,' an extraordinary literary journey that unveils a mesmerizing tale of hope, courage, and transformation. In the year 2300 AD, our world stands on the precipice of annihilation, engulfed in chaos and despair. However, from the ashes of this dystopian nightmare emerges a beacon of hope in the form of a young girl named Dawnielle.Dawnielle is not like the others; she possesses an extraordinary gift that sets her on a path to reshape a shattered future. In a society plagued by inequality, corruption, and oppressive technology, Dawnielle's journey becomes a quest for love, peace, and the ultimate power of hope. As she navigates a treacherous world dominated by ruthless factions, Dawnielle uncovers the mysteries of her lineage and the origins of her abilities. Alongside a diverse group of rebels, each carrying their own burdens and secrets, she confronts formidable enemies and the darkest aspects of humanity. 

Throughout the trilogy, the stakes soar, conflicts intensify, and the line between ally and adversary blurs. Dawnielle's unwavering determination and resilience inspire others to believe in a brighter future. But, as the forces of destruction converge, she faces her most profound test yet—one that will determine her destiny and the fate of humanity itself. 

The 'Eternus Trilogy' masterfully blends science fiction, dystopia, and fantastical abilities. Tessa Rice, the author, crafts a vivid world filled with pulse-pounding action and complex characters. This enthralling narrative delves into the depths of human courage, the transformative power of love, and the unyielding spirit of hope against unimaginable adversity. Join Dawnielle on an epic journey through a future shrouded in darkness, as she seeks to uncover the secrets of her existence and forge a path toward a brighter tomorrow. 'Eternus' will captivate your heart, ignite your imagination, and leave you yearning for the power to change the world."



Stephen Cline has a bachelor’s in literature and 20th Century Thought and Expression and a master’s in literature and Rhetoric and Composition, is a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, and is a recipient of an NEH Fellowship to study the Medieval sources of the Arthurian tales. He taught literature, creative writing, and composition for over twenty years, and has had numerous short stories, essays, and cartoons published in magazines and anthologies, including Short Story, Surfer's Journal, Petroglyph, Easy Reader, Fretboard Journal, Surfer's Path (UK), H2O, Julian News, Lives On Board, and Inside English. He also has been a guest lecturer at writing conferences in Washington and Hawaii. Stephen’s other novels are Echoes Over Water, The Last Orange Grove, and The Queen's English. He also is an accomplished musician and recording artist.

​​​​​​​A fourth-generation Californian, Stephen now lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with his poet wife, Nancee.


The Last Book - Charles Sutton, booklover and professor, is intrigued by the old book he had been given by the elderly and enigmatic instrument repairer. He likes the old leather-bound book and reads a tale that is completely absorbing. Finishing and closing the cover, he sees the title fade away and a new one gradually emerges. Inside is a new story. How? Magic? Digital trickery? He is pulled anew to open the aged volume. All night and much of the next day, Charles reads story after story, each one as compelling as the last, somehow perfectly suited to his eclectic tastes. It is a wonderful and satisfying repetition of the emergence into the timeless realm of reading. Between stories, though, he feels a growing sense of unease. Charles learns that others want, even need, the book—leading the quiet academic into intrigue, suspense, danger, and unexpected romance.

The Last Book traverses the mystery of Charles’s book with witty repartee, poetic descriptions of the wonders of music, and reflections on education and creativity. It is ultimately a paean to the enriching, even vital, qualities of language and literature.










Date: 10/03/2023
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm