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Mauna Kea: A Novel of Hawai'i

Mauna Kea: A Novel of Hawai'i

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Publication Date: October 10th, 2023
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Staff Reviews

Big Island must read - this beloved local author again presents a historically well researched book full of mystery and adventure.  If you love Big Island or the lure of volcanos be sure to pick this book up.  

— Brenda McConnell


A boundary-bridging novel that will surprise, captivate, and move
readers who thought they knew Hawaiʻi; an age-old story of healing a seared
heart and finding home. Mauna Kea: A Novel of Hawai'i is a gripping tale of clashing
passions--science and spirituality, vengeance and compassion, fear and
courage--set atop Hawaiʻi's 14,000-foot Mauna Kea, realm of revered goddesses
and star-wise explorers. A young vagabond running from America's
turmoil is forced to confront his own grief and rage on an embattled holy
mountain in the Pacific. There he encounters a mysterious domain of ancient
mountain deities and the Native Hawaiians who revere them, including two wise
elders who take him under their wings and a young woman with a world-weary
heart akin to his own. Through his startling experiences with them--and a motley
cadre of other islanders--he learns the power of aloha and
discovers an untapped reservoir of faith and courage that rekindles his hope in
himself and in the world we share.

Includes an illustrated map and 12 original pen-and-ink drawings made especially for the novel by John D. Dawson